Seattle Office – Now Open!

Last year was a rough year for the police in Seattle and King county. In King County, the Sheriff is no longer an elected official; the role is now appointed by the County Council, and is at risk of becoming a puppet of the liberal left. If that’s not concerning enough, the Department budget is approved by the whims of the same County Council. In a county with a history of succumbing to ANTIFA, supporting extreme leftists, and a strong anti-police and defunding movement, this obviously hamstrings the Sheriff’s ability to complete their mission.

To top it off, in Seattle, leftist protestors took over part of the city center and set up a dangerous autonomous zone, the so-called Capitol Hill Autonomous Zone, or “CHAZ”. This extremist-run zone, full of looting, protesting, and disregard for the safety of its citizens, doesn’t even allow law enforcement officers to enter!

As pro-police activists, it is our duty to tell the real story of what’s happened in Seattle and King County, and raise the alarm to avoid the spread of these leftist ideas to other cities across our great nation. While the media portrays the CHAZ as a freewheeling block-party celebrating individuality and freedom, we know the truth.

The story of the citizenry and their hardship has never been told. By shining a light on the reality of the situation, we hope to save other cities from this same fate.

Check back regularly for updates on our activities and to learn how you can get involved and help.

Citizens for Safety & Police

Citizens for Safety and Police